New Technology

Viper Industrial Systems specializes in a fluid delivery systems called a piggable system. This is a very simple solution to save wasted paint during color changes that could save your company thousands of dollars a day. The problem with making color changes in your paint kitchen is that every station color change will waste 1.5 gallons of paint and several gallons of solvent, plus the cost of disposing of wasted material.

This can be eliminated simply by using a module that allows a foam or rubber pig to be inserted into the line during a color change. The pig keeps that paint separated from the solvent thus you recover all your paint back into your drum or tank.

This system has special color changers for the spray application equipment that allows a pig to go through them. These systems can be designed to be as manual or automatic as would like. Many companies make between ten and thirty color changes per day, and the cost effectiveness is easy to see.

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