Example of a purging pig.

Piggable paint systems can provide a huge cost savings for any paint facility. A piggable system that is designed properly will enable the user to have a color to color flush with virtually no material waste, and a minimal amount of solvent waste. The difference between piggable systems and conventional systems is in the amount of material that is saved. In a conventional system, when a color change is made, there can be 1-1/2 to 2 gallons of paint wasted, plus the solvent used to purge the system. On a piggable system, a small plastic or foam pig is inserted into the paint line to keep the materials separate and to recover all the material remaining in the line.

Another advantage with piggable systems is that you will not require as many pumping stations for the colors you run because the piggable stations can be purged and ready for a new color in fifteen minutes, depending on the operator. Piggable systems use special color change valves that allow the pig to travel through them. Many companies make up to thirty color changes a day so cost-effectiveness is easy to see and the savings can be tremendous.

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